Mobile Developer (learn Flutter) 6 Hour Work Day

These guys just keep growing! Mobile dev role where you'll have the opportunity to learn Flutter & Dart + enjoy all of the tasty perks!

We've partnered with our friends who are rad little apps development business for all things #mobile. These legends absolutely love building world-class apps for their clients, and they build them on the right foundations!

This is a legit chance for you to join a business in the heart of Brisbane who have a portfolio of award-winning apps they have built for some of Australia's biggest brands which are available on iOS, Android and Windows. Bringing ideas to life is what they do best, and with their team of heavy-hitters, they are driven by client goals and appreciate there is no 'one size fits all'

The juicier stuff

I haven't even talked about any of the REALLY awesome things yet so sit tight!

  • Firstly, innovation is at the core of what they do. They understand that technology is continuously evolving and hence they are early adopters of Flutter and Angular Dart. Google has already invested heavily in this tech and it's not going anywhere! This is your chance to work with one of Brissy's first companies who are building commercial apps with this tech!
  • Less hours = More efficiency? As a company who truly cares about their staff, they are now trialling a shorter 6 hour work day with a view of boosting productivity and enhancing the work/life balance
  • Their success is your success! You can benefit from the company's success directly by being a part of their profit Mobile Developer (Dart/C# & Flutter/Xamarin) - Shorter Work Day

Cool, but what’s a typical day look like?

These guys are looking for the best! You'll be expected to complete a couple of small technical tasks which they'll assess before setting up an interview. If they like what they see though, things could move very quickly!

You'll be responsible for designing, developing, testing, and maintaining world-class cross-platform mobile apps using Flutter and web apps using AngularDart.
They are realists and appreciate there aren't many people with this experience so don't stress!

Tech Stack you'll be working with:

  • Flutter & Xamarin
  • Dart 2 & C# 7
  • Redux & MVVM architectural patterns
  • VS Code & Visual Studio 2017
  • Windows 10 (or Mac should you prefer)

It'd be awesome (but not essential) if you had:

  • 2+ years solid commercial experience working with AWS
  • Commercial experience developing web or mobile applications (ideally both)
  • Published examples of your work (i.e. apps in the App Store or Google Play)
  • Examples of public works (open source projects/contributions, blog, StackOverflow profile, etc.
  • Knowledge of reactive programming

Please Sir, I would like to learn some more…

This is a cracking opportunity and I expect to receive plenty of love for this one!

Adam Grabish l 0422 366 018 l